Cold Kingdom

This is a Shakespearean sonnet that I wrote for my English class. In this poem, I wanted to portray a different version of love, not where someone falls in love, which is the fairly typical scenario, but a situation where love can hurt and the pain is not necessarily one or the other’s fault. I would sort of describe it as falling out of love, not because one of the parties involved has stopped being in love, but more like because the circumstances have separated these two. I also wanted to deal with the themes of death and rebirth.

I took inspiration from a British TV show about zombies called In The Flesh. It got cancelled several months ago, leaving the narrative stuck on a cliffhanger and fans (including me) rather unhappy.

Finally, here is my Shakespearean sonnet:

Cold Kingdom 

Overwhelmed by heavy dolorous grief

Burden so big I feel like I could drown

Broken, pale, my soul aches for relief

My cold kingdom ruled with a fruitless crown

Though once you promised me eternal love

I weep as you slumber in earthly bed

Flying vultures and crows circle above

And here I stay, frozen, lonely, undead

But this mangled heart may beat once again

Given a second life with someone new

I will continue on despite the pain

My dear, but don’t think that I forget you

Now please, give a kiss from beyond the grave

Which will sustain me ’til the end of days

Thank you for reading!

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