Elegy for Simon

This is a poem that a friend and I wrote for our English project on Lord of the Flies by William Golding. One of the assignments was to write an elegy or a eulogy lamenting the death of Simon, who is symbolic of innocence and benevolence. We decided to co-write an elegy, and this is the result.

Elegy for Simon

See how the Beast stalks its prey,

Yet Simon told Ralph he’d live another day.

The blesséd herald with a message greater than

Mankind could hope to understand.

Roles paraded past all the others,

Fruit picker, hut builder, big brother,

Listener and caregiver,

But first and foremost hope’s deliverer.

An innocent life stolen too soon

Left the schoolboys to their doom.

Monster inside controls their bones,

That soon they will forget their homes.

Selfless, kind-hearted, quick to rescue,

Out of the many, part of the few.

God’s angelic prophet of the light,

First to fall in the fight.

But now good has been replaced by pain,

And anarchy shall begin its reign.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave constructive criticism and other comments below. Also if you have any reading recommendations (they can be short stories or poems or books and from any reading genre), I would love to hear them!

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