The Rain

Smudged city lights (Credit to Riley Briggs, Found on Unsplash)

Wind-whipped vegetation stripped of their leaves

Palm trees stretching, bending into almost U-shapes

Sheets and sheets pouring down

 Cutting winds and splattering typhoon tears

Water where there should be none

Waiting patiently at doorsteps

Flood level rising


Clouds congregating in the north-eastern quadrant

And swarming above the metal land

Pelting, pelting, pelting drops

Stinging numb faces under a turbulent sky

Crackling lightning and flashing thunder

People below taking refuge from nature’s war above


Blood mingled with blood in puddles

Dark alleyway

Dripping clothing and impaired vision

Neither side emerging as the victor


Smudged city lights

Gleaming concrete sidewalks and gleaming asphalt roads

Drops swiped left, right, left, right by windshield wipers

Purging the air of pollution and smog


Thirsty cracked ground

Craving rejuvenation

Hoping, praying

The air electric with waiting

Nurturing liquid gold

Soothing balm to a broken land


Soft misty drizzle

Murky grayness constantly shifting, changing

Swirling above heath

A single cloaked traveler

Only solitude

And a destiny unknown


Waking up in the middle of the night

Looking out the window

Returning to bed

Curling up beneath the covers

Falling asleep to a pitter pattering lullaby

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