Persona carefully and exactly assembled
A human being no longer resembled
Hide the humanity inside oh so deep
Power down your emotions into a dark, dark sleep
Hermetically sealed, four-chambered heart
As time passes on, metal skin falls apart
Feelings are buried under coats of dust
So long unused, they develop rust
Inside the “head”, circuitry hums in chaotic organization
Numbers and thoughts in constant computation
Ruthless efficiency is the very much valued
Trait that shall define an attitude
Razor teeth with sharp edges that slice
Words that freeze and burn like dry ice
Show no weakness, let no one know
The churning, emotional turmoil just below
If sometimes there is a slip in the machine
Well, the technicians will assure you that it’s nothing
After all it is an old, worn out, obsolete thing
And in the end, they will call it a robot
Even though, in reality, they know I am not

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