Saltwater Baptism

Saltwater Baptism

Come to the sea, they call to me
They whisper and whisper
Come to the sea
Let us anoint thee
With our water of salt
From the deep blue sea
Come to the tide, they sing sweetly
They trill and trill
Come to the tide
Feel the thrum of the waves
And here spend the rest of your days
By the deep blue sea
Come to the ocean depths, they implore insistently
Because here resides your true family
They wait and they wait
For your safe return
Back to the deep blue sea
On the land where I live, I sleep
I hear the call, the song, the plea
Of my family living in the deep blue sea
So I return, I return
To my home, to my world
An existence, a life where I am free
And that was the last anyone saw of me
Baptized by saltwater
Hair windswept about my face
Among the sea foam, striding away
Into the deep blue sea
Capitola Beach

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