Hollow Girl

Hollow Girl
I won’t try to fill in the cavity inside you because I know it would not make you feel fulfilled.
You have lived so long with this chasm, and so you have gotten used to it; for too long, you have accommodated this hole in your soul. To feel full, to feel whole, does not suit you.
Yet I will not let you break.
I will support you, hollow girl. When fissures form, I will be there to prevent you from shattering. I will repair your cracks and strengthen your thin aluminum foil shell. It shall be infused with the titanium of my love for you, and I hope that one day, you will be willing to incorporate the gold nuggets of your vibrant dreams.
I will help you, hollow girl, even if sometimes, I too feel an emptiness inside.
We may both be hollow girls, but we seal each other’s cracks.

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