I saw the way you fell for him, and I see how you still fall for him.
I saw how the first time he took your breath away, you allowed this to happen.
You said he was breathtaking and you didn’t need to breathe anyways because he reminded you of a home you never had, a home you could build with him, a home that could be your “happily ever after”.
I worry for you.
I worry that you will suffocate yourself, smother yourself, asphyxiate yourself for this boy who has your devotion.
I worry that you will become too intoxicated on his presence that one day if he leaves you, one of your lungs will simply collapse because the bullet of his leaving pierced through the alveoli on its way to your heart.
I worry that you will struggle to inhale and exhale, everyday a sharp pain in your chest.
I worry that my CPR won’t work and in the end, this breathtaking boy has stolen your beautiful breath in the wrong kind of way.
So I implore you now, please, please, please, just remember to breathe sometimes, okay?
Deep breaths.


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