Crepuscular Creature

Crepuscular Creature
Awake, O nighttime dreamer
Over the matutinal land of the between
Dawn is only the beginning
Of your myth

Awake, O daylight sleeper
Take back your domain
Return to reign
Once more over the vespertine land of the between
Dusk is only the continuation
Of your legend

Hello! So I’ve realized that I haven’t exactly been adding in personal notes at the end of my posts like I used to do. I’m not too sure if that’s a good thing or not… However, looking forward, I think I might want to start doing that again. I think sharing my thoughts about the pieces will be fun.
So for this one, I learned the word, “crepuscular”, after randomly stumbling upon it (it means “active during or related to the twilight”). For some reason, it just stayed in my mind and got paired up with “creature” (which makes sense because “crepuscular” is used to describe when certain animals are active). Somehow along the way I decided I wanted to write a poem for this phrase.
Hope you enjoyed reading it!

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