La Vida de la Loba

La Vida De La Loba
Quiero ser una loba
Tengo ganas de vivir, dormir
Debajo el cielo de la noche
Aullar a la luna
Con la libertad de un animal emancipado
Quiero ser más fuerte que las piedras
Estar hecha de naturaleza and ser una parte de la tierra
Deseo dientes puntiagudos y garras afiladas
Para protegerme
Porque ahora no soy fuerte, soy débil
Y soy sólo una niña, no una mujer
Un humano solo
Un humano solo en un mundo grande
Sé que este sueño es imposible
Pero continúo a soñar
(A veces deseo dormir, sólo recordar la negrura, y olvidar todo de mis visiones de colores)

(Rough) English Translation:
The Life Of The Wolf
I want to be a wolf
I feel like living, sleeping
Under the night sky
Howling at the moon
With the liberty of a freed animal
I want to be stronger than the rocks
To be made of nature/wilderness and to be a part of the earth
I desire pointed teeth and sharp claws
To protect myself
Because now I am not strong, I am weak
And I am only a girl, not a woman
A lonely human
A lonely human in a big world
I know that this dream is impossible
But I continue to dream
(Sometimes I want to sleep, to only remember the blackness, and to forget everything about my visions of colors)
So, I wrote a poem in Spanish. Why? Because I felt like it. I’m currently learning Spanish in school right now, and I have been for quite a long time (so I’m hoping I didn’t make any major errors). Learning a new language is really awesome, but it can be so intimidating. It takes a lot of practice, and we are so, so afraid of making mistakes. But think of the possibilities and opportunities! Immersing yourself in another culture, being able to communicate with others, making connections with new people, learning how to see the world through a different perspective.
As always, I hoped you liked reading it! (I know I really liked writing it, even though I agonized over the grammar and diction. It’s been in my drafts folder for more than a month…)


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