We dance on the edges
Choreography disjointed
Together but apart
Our Pandora’s Box lies center stage
Illuminated by a single spotlight
We tiptoe around it
In an endless circle
On the circumference of light
On the edges of darkness
Never too far
Never too close
We tiptoe
Until from behind
There are hands
Spread on backs
Firm pushes
Whispered words of support
And into the spotlight we go

In the middle our Pandora’s Box gleams
Perhaps this spotlight has become a boxing ring
A dance, a fight of hurt and misunderstandings
Constant circling
But the circumference of our path smaller
We look at anywhere but each other
But then
A single hand
A right hand
Extended outwards
A gesture of hope
The opponent’s left takes it

Reconciliation begins
And the dance begins again
But this time, the two dancers are

They earn a standing ovation
The box is forgotten, stored beneath creaking floorboards
But on its way to burial, it feels lighter somehow
Almost empty
In its grave, it sits and waits for when it can create more chaos once again
For it is not fully empty
Nor will it ever be
Yet the dancers continue their fluid movements
In synchronization
It’s my goal this break to write and post one piece of writing per day… Good luck to me.

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