Definitions of Sadness

Definitions of Sadness

  1. Negativity
  2. Shades of darkness
    1. Alt: Levels of darkness
  3. A vein of sadness running through you
    1. It has always been there
    2. An internal piece of your ticking clockwork
  4. A sudden flash of sadness
    1. But one that is easily smothered
    2. Easy to wipe away and easy to forget
    3. Easy to bury and easy to destroy all traces of its existence
  5. A sadness that you carry around
    1. But one day, you decide to let it go
  6. A dormant sadness
    1. It sleeps in your head, sometimes in your heart
    2. You carry it around, unconscious of this symbiont
    3. Some type of trigger rouses it from its hibernation
    4. It returns
    5. You feel guilt
      1. You forgot about it
      2. It should have never been forgotten

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