City of Gray and Green


Hong Kong is odd. It is a city of gray and green. Skyscrapers exist next to vibrant vegetation. Puffy canopies of dark green live next to stark, austere forms. Hong Kong is a city of contradictions.
I don’t know how to feel about this city. It feels familiar, a regained dream, but kind of distant at the same time. The city of the childhoods of my parents and the setting for an almost-life for me (but instead I live on a different continent). There’s just this feeling of connection, but I don’t know exactly what it is.
Hong Kong: City of Gray and Green, City of Contradictions, City of Confusion, City of Connection.
Hello from the future. I am currently 16 hours ahead of where I normally live, near L.A. I’m in Hong Kong for some family business and will be for a while. This might pose some problems to my winter break “one piece per day” challenge, but I’ll try my best.

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