Observations of Hong Kong

Observations of Hong Kong
So it’s my second day in Hong Kong (hopefully I have successfully recovered from jetlag, last night my eyes were drooping during dinner time) and I think I’m starting to get the distinctive character of the city (or at the very least, parts).
I’m not too sure what I want to specifically talk about in this post… so here are some observations of the city I’ve made over the past two days.
1. The opening hours start and end later than in the US.
2. Shops are usually really narrow but then extend into the building (or they can also go upstairs or downstairs).
3. Crosswalks have both the “wait” and “walk” lights and also have speakers that sound out fast beats for when to walk and slow beats for when to wait. (This I find extremely cool and thoughtful.)
4. Most of the traffic on the roads are compromised of the red taxis. (I learned that red taxis are for in the city, blue taxis are for the harbor and green taxis are for the New Territories.)
I like Hong Kong. I think that there’s some sort of “click” or “chemistry” I have with it (of course, it helps that I have family here and my parents speak fluent Cantonese so I’m not exactly a foreigner or tourist). I also find it helpful that that the signs usually have both English and Mandarin. (If I could speak Cantonese and read Chinese fluently) I think that I would enjoy living here, short term at least. As for long term, the lifestyle is very different… the city constantly grows, space is limited and there are so many people. But I think I would be able to adapt.
Hi! As you can tell, I’m still in Hong Kong, and I apologize for missing my “one post per day” goal. Today was really busy and I barely had any access to wifi. However, I won’t make excuses (even though I just did) and I will try to do a second post for today.


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