Shopping Adventures in Hong Kong

Shopping Adventures in Hong Kong
Hi, I’m feeling a lot better. My nose is still a little bit stuffy, but my headache and cough went away.
Today I’m going to talk about shopping here in Hong Kong.
Yesterday I went shopping with my parents and aunt at Fa Yuen Street. In Hong Kong there is a much more famous street full of vendors called Lady Street but it is often very crowded so we decided to forgo shopping there.
I’m not usually very big on shopping in general, but this time I must admit… I probably was a little overexcessive. However, the prices here are really good! To convert from Hong Kong dollars to US dollars, divide by eight and you will get an approximate of your price. For example, my final purchase was two pairs of shoes. One pair was HK$40; divide this by eight and this pair of shoes costs about US$5!
On Fa Yuen Street there are also many vendors. They sell a wide range of items: clothing, jade charms, toys, fresh produce, phone cases and more. Here you can haggle over the prices.
I’ll be talking about food tomorrow and I have some pictures of desserts to share with you, so I’m looking forward to that. Thanks for reading!


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