Food Adventures in Hong Kong

Food Adventures in Hong Kong
Hi all. I promised pictures of desserts so let’s get started!
As I mentioned in my shopping post, prices are really cheap here. This also applies to food. Since space is really limited, restaurants are usually narrow. On the first day of my stay here, my family, my aunt, my uncle and I had to squeeze into a corner to eat lunch. The circular table was about one-fourth the size of a normal American restaurant table. Plus, sometimes complete strangers have to share a table since it is so crowded. But this isn’t always a problem because people eat really fast here. If you are eating too slowly, the servers will sort of “push” you along.
Now about the food itself. The main delicacy here in Hong Kong that doubles as a snack and a type of dessert (at least I think so) is the bubble egg waffle. It is made from batter which is poured onto a special type of waffle iron — the shape of the iron gives the food its special shape.
Another dessert that I ate was cookies and cream ice cream with tapioca, grass jelly and fruit. Tapioca is also used in the boba (the little black balls) in boba milk tea (AKA bubble milk tea and pearl milk tea). Grass jelly is also used in drinks.
Egg tarts are also a delicious dessert. They have a soft yellow inside (which is the egg part) and the “shell” is a crumbly outside.
Besides restaurants, food is also sold at street vendors, but I personally would suggest you to buy these treats with caution.
Tomorrow is my last day in Hong Kong and I have my flight back home in the afternoon, so it is possible that I will not be able to post anything. When I get back to America, I’ll probably write some more about Hong Kong and do a 2015 review blog post. See you later!

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