Public Transportation in Hong Kong

Public Transportation in Hong Kong
This topic might sound a bit dry for a blog post, but let me just say, the public transportation here is amazing. There’s a huge variety and I think most people in Hong Kong use public transportation.
In another post, I mentioned the three different types of taxis which are categorized by color. In the city, red taxis make up about half of the traffic. Like clothing and food, red taxi fare is quite cheap: the meter starts running at HK$22. There are two types of red taxis (this could apply to the green and blue taxis too but I do not know for certain because I didn’t travel to the New Territories or Harbor this trip): ones with four seats and ones with five seats. Usually a green sticker on the trunk will tell you the difference.
In addition to taxis, people also use the local subway system, the MTR. There are many types of tickets; the most common one is known as the Octopus card. Interestingly, glass walls separate the MTR tracks from the platform.
Furthermore, buses are also another form of public transportation on the roads. I’m not too sure what the types are, but I know there are smaller, 16 seat buses with either a red top or a green top and larger, double-decker buses.
Lastly, there are also trams which, oddly, are double-deckered.
Yet, all the modes of transportation that I described have one similarity: they all have some sort of advertisement(s), whether on them or, as in the case of the MTR, on the walls.

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