Echo Speaks

Echo Speaks
I am an Echo of what I once was
Running after, pining for a beautiful boy
(Why won’t Narcissus notice me?)

True or false: you love him.
True or false: he loves you.
Who do you love more: him or yourself? Him. Myself.
I love myself more.
Please, let me be the selfish one this time.
Just this once.

The gods wove sunlight into his hair and placed the sky into his eyes.
When they were finished creating this mortal, the deities must have been awestruck.
(It’s a pity they forgot to add substance to his character.)

I dance alone among the stalagmites and stalactites
Wandering the mazes of caves
My prison home
Singing to myself
About a boy I could not love
It is a lonely existence
But I am expecting some company soon

Narcissus hears me singing one day; he hears the faintest melodies about a boy with sunshine hair and eyes of the sky.
He walks into the darkness.
In search of this elusive girl, he forges deeper into the subterranean labyrinth.
However, he is no Theseus; no Ariadne helps him. He has no golden ball of thread.
(Sometimes he thinks he can see her, a shimmery figure in the distance, but she is too fleeting.)
((Heroes have fallen to lesser trials, but he is no hero.))

You’ll never catch me, Narcissus.
As you probably can tell, this is a retelling of the Greek myth of Echo and Narcissus. (Also I recently finished my Semester 1 Finals! I now have more time to write!)

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