I woke up with the memory of mint leaves in my mouth
And the ghost of your cool breath upon my lips
Phantom thoughts of you haunt my mind
And butterfly kisses that I imagined you gave me
Are whispered on my fingers, hands, palms

In my head
Against fate
I kissed you last night
You kissed me last night
We kissed last night
And you did not die


I did not kiss you last night
You did not kiss me last night
We did not kiss last night
And you did not die

We just drive
Alone in your car
With each other and our thoughts
Searching for a sleeping king
Trying to untangle our heartstrings
We just drive

As you drive
I make a vow
I will do everything in my power to ensure
You will not die
I shall defy destiny for you, darling
You will not die
You will not die

(I see you smiling
Offering me mint leaves
Finally at peace
Finally whole)
This was inspired by The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater. The couple that this poem specifically refers to is Gansey and Blue.
I also apologize for the huge gap between posts… I think I’ve been lacking the inspiration and motivation necessary to write these pieces. In addition to that, Semester 2 has started. I expected some type of lull in the intensity of school for a few days after finals. Well, I was wrong. Still, I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to find the time to write and edit.


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