Drive, darling, drive
Under a sky that bleeds colors
Leave the hurt behind
As transient as the summer

Run, darling, run
With your hand in mine
There may be worse yet to come
But I know we will be fine

Hide, darling, hide
In this troubled place
Us they will not find
The shadows will keep us safe

Leave me, darling, leave me
I can see the tears in your eyes
Don’t miss me, don’t worry
But this is it, this is goodbye
This was sort of inspired by Jetta’s “Start A Riot”. Lately I’ve been feeling my creativity drain away. I feel like I’m losing the inspiration and drive needed to write… Hopefully this will go away.
In other news, the poem that I had submitted to my school’s literary magazine is in an odd state right now. I’ve been told that it might be published, but they did not give me any feedback about what should be changed, so I am going to email them… I’m annoyed about their inefficiency because I only found out about their consensus through a friend who is in the committee who screens the submissions. I still have some hope though that I will be able to get it published.

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