Obsidian Heart

Obsidian Heart
If you would let me, I would peel back your skin. I would remove layers of fat and muscle. I would crack open your ribs. I would do all this to find and help your heart.
Most people believe that the heart is red. After all, there’s all this blood inside it, right? They’re wrong. A few privileged few know that it would be yellow because it is covered in fat. They’re also wrong.
Trust me, I’m an expert.
If I pried open your ribcage and peered inside, I wouldn’t see a red or yellow heart. I would see a black heart as heavy as stone. A stone heart. Or rather, an obsidian heart.
Because the truth is you’re too cynical and weary. You’ve experienced too much bad.
If I were the keeper of your heart, I would take your heart gently, wipe away its grime, and polish it until it shone.
And underneath all that muck would still be black.
You cannot be changed so easily.
But take your heart and examine it carefully, and I guarantee that you will learn that your heart is not of nightmare black but of rainbow obsidian.
There are colors dormant inside of you waiting to be released. As for the black, it has been with you always; remember to treat it well because it has served you well as a shield. Remember that black is actually a mixture of all colors and is as worthy as the rest of the rainbow.
Can you feel the magma in your heart, arteries, veins and capillaries? I can hear its thrum, but do you feel its burn inside? Do you feel the sparks in your skin itching for you to do more?
Put your heart back where it belongs and seal it inside securely. Take it back out again when you need to, but for now, keep it in your chest.
And now that you have seen and felt and learned your heart, what will you do? How will you now live? Do not be afraid, for you are the descendant of volcanoes. You are untamed and unbroken.
Remember this.
Remember that you have an obsidian heart and that you are stronger, better than you think.


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