“Solace Meadow” by Adam S. Doyle

He is a fox.
He lies, he cheats, he deceives, he manipulates.
Tricks are tools, of surgical precision, in his hands; they are wielded with deadly accuracy, with frightening experience.
His slender, illicit fingers, are better suited to a pickpocket.
They are the fingers of an artist, one that rejects paint and pencil, the wrong type of artist.
A con artist.
However, one will admit that there is a certain kind of beauty in his schemes and, for him, a certain satisfaction to be gained from that perfect end to a complex con.
His victims are not quite as… pleased as he is.
Yet why does he risk everything? Why does he continue to play such extreme games?
Ultimately, he’s not in it for the money but for that fleeting feeling of being on top.
It is champagne giddiness, floating away.
It is a dangerous high only sated by a constant balancing act on a playing card’s edge.
It is an addiction to adrenaline.
And thus, he plays with a red not dissimilar to his hair.
And thus, he flirts with fire.
Art credit goes to Adam Doyle. Here is his website; check it out! He’s super talented and his artwork is amazing. I first stumbled across him after wondering who did the cover art for The Raven Cycle books (check out the covers here) and then found his website and fell in love. SO. BEAUTIFUL.


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