a confession from the heart

a confession from the heart
( place your hand over your heart.
(or was it my heart in your hand?)

i love you.

but you will never know, i think, you will never notice. i have loved you and i still love you from afar; i adore you so. i am giving you all i can, my heart and my soul and my time and my mind. you dart through my thoughts, unknowable. you make me happy and hopeful, but i do not think you will ever hold me dear to your heart. not in the way you are to me. i fear that i, and everything that creates me, am not enough, never will be enough to be what you are looking for. i am afraid, so very afraid. i, from this breath to the next and to the next and to the next, am still striving to tell you this:

i love you.

(please forgive me. do not believe my words.) )


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