hymns for the dead and dying

hymns for the dying

Credit: Daria Shevtsova

i. there is nothing romantic, nothing beautiful in this. it approaches too soon, too suddenly. like flowers wilting, we cling to the inevitable descent that awaits us: we try to deny the future. we think we are as impervious as marble, but we know in the back of our minds that even greece and rome fell once upon a time. eons ago, mortals could become anything but, yet today, our feet sink in the mire, and our bodies return to baser means.

Credit: Sam X

ii. hello, autumn. i miss you so much. i watched you fade from me in that place of no return. you became sorrow personified, a stick figure of skin and bone and sickness. what is life without you? far less.

Credit: Siim Lukka

iii. the sun sets. the moon rises.
(the end.)
(there is no end so simple. in your mind, the ones you knew live on; they never left and are stuck in an endless memory loop, an endless memory loop, an endless memory loop. the ones you knew remind you they exist/existed. people come back as ghosts, and they haunt you. maybe they never moved on… or maybe you never did.)


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