Still Life

Hi all! I’m currently learning about Romanticism in my English class and love the writing styles of the various poets we are studying. So far, we have read a few pieces from William Blake and William Wordsworth, including one of my all-time favorite poems, “A Poison Tree.” I wanted to write some poetry featuring some of the same themes covered in poems from this movement, and here is the result.

Credit: Dustin Scarpitti

Still Life
Imagine wildflowers, their scattered blooms
As far as our eyes can see.
Imagine the glow of stars and moon,
A place where we can truly be.

We could commune with sparrows,
And frolic among the grasses at play.
Yet everyday here our minds grow narrow,
And inside we are decaying away.

Capture this moment, this feeling now before they flee,
With the advent of Corruption,
For we sell out to the call of greed,
And we guarantee our own Destruction.

I now choose to break free of this false show,
I shall return to nature, defeat my strife.
But there is still something I need to know:
Within me, is there Still Life?


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