via Daily Prompt: Symbiosis

The greatest type of symbiosis.

It is mutualism for humans, bringing out the best, the most positive traits and personal growth. It is the forces of natural goodness embodied. It is an interconnected, interdependent mess of chains and webs of energy.

This is how I would describe my love for you.

But don’t criticize me for turning an art into science. Love already is a science.

Don’t believe me? Consider:

  • The way your heart beats faster, faster than normal. (The average person’s heart rate ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute.)
  • The way you can’t breathe and how you can’t inhale and exhale normally. Oxygen and carbon dioxide mingled.
  • The way your hands get damp; homeostasis gone wrong.
  • The way your neurons continually send repeating electrical impulses: the One, the One, the One, the One, the One.
  • The way your body is flooded with serotonin.

And with all of these formulas and numbers, these facts and laws, I still cannot sum up my love for you.


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